Choosing a new office space spacious building with multiple floors, there’s a lot to consider. Before you choose a space, make sure you’ve thought about these nine key factors.

1. Distance from Employees’ Homes

For business owners who are planning to relocate their office space, it’s essential to consider the distance from employees’ homes. If the new office creates a long commute for the employees, they may look for work elsewhere. Employees who live in Etobicoke may not want to commute to your new office in Scarborough (and vice versa).

2. Proximity to Clients

If clients will be visiting your new office space, it makes sense to choose a location that’s convenient for them. If clients have to travel too far to see you, they may decide to choose a more conveniently located company. Think about where your clients live (or work) and try to be nearby.

3. Nearby Competition

Some types of businesses may want to be near their competition, while others need to be further away. If you have a restaurant or retail store, you may want to be near your competitors to catch their overflow. For other types of businesses, being close to the competition could just make marketing more difficult.

4. Local Amenities

While an isolated office may be more affordable, it may not offer the nearby amenities your employees or clients may want. Think about proximity to amenities like subway stops, restaurants, and daycare facilities.

5. Image

Your company already has a brand image, and your new office space should complement it. If you have a more casual company, it may not make sense to rent an office in a formal building. On the other hand, if your style is more elegant, a formal building may be the perfect addition to your brand.

6. Accessibility

Right now, you may not have any employees or clients with disabilities. That could change in the future, so you need to be prepared by choosing an accessible office space. Look for features like powered door operators, elevators, and wide doorways. The office space should also have at least one universal toilet room.

If you can’t find a suitable office that’s accessible, consider making changes to improve office accessibility after you move in.

7. Parking and Bike Storage

When employees or clients arrive at your office, they’ll need a safe place to park their cars or lock up their bicycles. If many of your employees drive to work, you may prefer an office space with parking garage access, rather than just street parking. If bicycle commuting is common, you may prioritize safe bike storage.

8. Services Included

In some office spaces, many services are already installed and ready for you to use. Think about services like phone lines, lighting, refrigerators, and other things you might want. When these services are already installed, you don’t need to wait for them to be placed. You can just move in and get to work.

9. Price

While price isn’t the most important factor, it can’t be ignored. After all, businesses need to control their expenses to stay profitable. Before you settle on an office space, ensure it’s within your budget. In Toronto, office space is available for every budget, so don’t hesitate to keep looking if your first choice isn’t affordable.

By keeping these nine factors in mind, you can choose the right office space for your company. If you’re ready to start looking for your perfect office, search commercial spaces in Toronto.